Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Power of Managment


Wafra Invoices app

Invoice software offers a service oriented to self-employed people and small and medium enterprises, Wafra Invoices software is quick and easy to use, and helps to run and access your business comfortably from anywhere and anytime so as to accelerate growth.


Wafra Real Estate app

Available in Arabic and English Languages,Web based online,Management of own Real estate property, and others' property.,Creating groups of property so that you can separate each group of property,Classifying properties in terms of the activity.


Wafra Workflow app

Work Flow program is offered as a service for small and medium enterprises, Work Flow is quick and easy, it helps you to run your business and reach comfortably from anywhere and at any time.


Wafra Humman Resources app

It serves more than one employer, for more than a company and a license at the same time,Continuous automatic alert for the expiration of : residencies - passports - licenses - Signature approvals